Archaeological Tour Xihuacan

5 Hours

Xihuacan, the new mesoamerican site located close from Ixtapa Zihuatanejo & Petatlan.

Discover the unexplored New Mesoamerican Site XIHUACAN.

Xihuacan means the place of people that controls the time of the calendar.

Admire the largest mesoamerican ball court, piramidal base with petroglyphs and sacrife stone.


Local people have reported artifacts and jewelry linked to many other cultures such as the aztects, toltects, mayans and perepuchas.
We will visit the catholic village of Petatlan, a Saint was found inside the church on the Petatlan Bay back in the 1800’s. The local fishermen now belive in miracles.
Tour guide and lunch included. 9:00 am to 2:00pm Daily.

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Archaeological Tour Xihuacan
From $110
/ Adult